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If you are reading this, you probably have made it through your first year in college or university and are now you feel like you are going on an epic quest to find student housing. Waterloo student housing can be a bit of a headache if you don't know what you're doing and if you have never lived on your own. Then there is a significant chance that you have no idea what to do or expect. Luckily for you Domus Housing can and will help you find student housing in Waterloo. Student rental properties are littered all over the city and finding the right place for you can be a nightmare if you have never dealt with all the searching, calling, emails and then all the paperwork for each place that you are interested in. The good news is that you don't have to worry about all the hassles of finding student housing in Waterloo because we are going to make it simple for you.
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5 Rooms
72 Marshall St 72 Marshall St »
330 Spruce St. 330 Spruce St. »
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72 Marshall St
5 Rooms
330 Spruce St.
4 - 5 Rooms
81 Columbia St W
4 - 5 Rooms
321 Lester St.
5 Rooms
74 Marshall St
2 - 5 Rooms
Simplify The Student Rental Experience With Waterloo's Leading Property Management Company
You really do have to be careful out there because some landlords will take advantage of a young person that has little to no knowledge of the housing market or the hidden fees and costs of living in some places. You need to know exactly what to expect with your student rental. Our Waterloo student housing management company is perfect for you if you want someone that can help you with every step of the process. You will know who you are renting from personally. You will know exactly how much you will need for rent each month with no hidden fees or additional costs. You will get to see the contract and have any questions answered that you may have about the rental properties that we have available. You will also have a good idea of what you utility costs and other costs will be. We offer great deals on student off campus housing in Waterloo because we want to help our clients succeed and that starts at home. We will help you find a great deal on apartment rental in Waterloo.
Find student housing in Waterloo near both major Universities
Student housing can be easy to locate in Waterloo with the help of Domus! Multiple student rental properties are available near both the Wilfrid Laurier campus and the University of Waterloo campus. Student housing and adequate living conditions are essential for hard working students that want to stay focused on their studies. Our tenants have access to everything that they need to succeed. Contact Domus Housing today on our rental hotline @ 519-572-0278 OR 519-342-0608 to learn all about what Domus can do to help you find the best Waterloo student housing that you need.
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