Prospective Landlords

The student rental market is a niche that requires a specialized and established company with proven results to manage your property. With over 6 years experience and a 0% vacancy rate 4 years running, there is no better choice than Domus to manage your portfolio. Our services are geared specifically towards student investment properties and we have a track record of turning mismanaged, under-rented properties into highly sought-after properties with the highest ROI possible.

We offer services that include but are not limited to:

Lease negotiation and deposit collection
Monthly rent collection
Collection of bounced/missing rents
24/7 emergency contact number
Ongoing communication with tenants and tenants' parents
Regular property inspections
Coordination of repairs and regular maintenance
Coordination of renovations
Coordination of move ins/outs
Lodging licenses
Real estate portfolio & development consultations

Development Consultation

If you are interested in developing, Domus Student Housing Inc. can help you from the ground up. Our experience in the student market has given us a unique and thorough insight into what students want and this information can transform the success of your student development from mediocre to exceptional. From initial floor plans to renting, don't go in blind, contact us today to help make your next investment as profitable as possible.

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